FSU Football Star Wins Rhodes Scholarship

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Myron Rolle, the starting strong safety for the Florida State Seminoles, has been awarded the Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University. The pre-med student had to miss part of Saturday's game against Maryland because he was being interviewed for the scholarship.


An update now on a college football player we talked to earlier this month on the program. Myron Rolle is the starting strong safety for the Florida State Seminoles. While he's one of the best players in one of the top football programs in the country, this past Saturday fans cheered for him for another reason. His team had an important game the same day as his final interview for the Rhodes scholarship. A tough choice? Not for Rolle. On this program two weeks ago, he explained.

Mr. MYRON ROLLE (College Student; Football Player, Florida State Seminoles): Football will always be there for me, I believe. And my coaches understand that academics and education are the priority for me. So they are very supportive of my decision, as well.

BLOCK: Well, on Saturday, after his final scholarship interview in Birmingham, Alabama, Myron Rolle learned he was indeed selected as a Rhodes scholar. Then he hopped a charter jet to his team's game in College Park, Maryland. Rolle missed the start of the game, but he played in the second half of the 37-3 victory. The aspiring neurosurgeon isn't sure if he would skip the lucrative NFL for two years at Oxford University in England. Stay tuned.

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FSU Defensive Back Rolle Balances Sports, Books

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It's no surprise that you never hear about big-time college football players and Rhodes scholars in the same breath.

Myron Rolle could change that. He's the starting strong safety for the Florida State Seminoles and is a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship.

Initially, Rolle had to choose between attending the final interviews for the scholarship in Birmingham, Ala., or playing in FSU's game in College Park, Md., on Nov. 22.

"As soon as I learned I was a finalist, there was no question in my mind that I was going to put myself into the competition for the Rhodes scholarship," he tells NPR's Robert Siegel. "It's the opportunity to do some great things with my life."

After the interviews, a charter flight will take Rolle to College Park for part of the game. The gametime was adjusted so he could make it.

The pre-med student says his teammates kid him all the time.

"My nickname is the doctor or the president in the locker room," he says. "Whenever there is a debate that goes on in the locker room about whether tomatoes are really red or whether there's a country in North Africa named Algeria, they'll ask me.

"They don't go to Google, they go to Myron."



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