City Slickers


On-Air Challenge

For each word given, add a letter at the start, the end or somewhere inside to name a well-known U.S. city. For example, given the word "flit," the answer would be "Flint."

Challenge From Last Week

From listener Joshua Saks of Morristown, N.J.: Name a famous singer from the past who has five letters in his or her first name and six letters in the last. Rearrange the letters of the last name, plus the last letter of the first name (seven letters in all) to name a place where this singer famously performed. Who is the singer and what is the place?

Answer: Maria Callas, La Scala

Winner: Mary-Kaye Soderlind of Kent, Wash.

Next Week's Challenge

From listener Henry Hook of Brooklyn, N.Y.: Think of the name of a lawbreaker that starts with S. Remove the S and one other letter, and the remaining letters, in order, will name another lawbreaker.



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