You've Got A Friend In P-A

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On-Air Challenge

Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or title in which one word starts with P-I, as in Pittsburgh, and the other starts with P-A. The P-A and P-I words can be in either order.

Challenge From Last Week

From listener Henry Hook of Brooklyn, N.Y.: Think of the name of a certain lawbreaker that starts with S. Remove the S and one other letter, and the remaining letters, in order, will name another lawbreaker.

Answer: Smuggler, mugger

Winner: Krista Pfeiffer of Philadelphia

Next Week's Challenge

The words "chic" and "squeak" rhyme with each other, even though they have no letters in common. Think of three words containing a total of 12 or more letters that rhyme and have no letters in common. The words must be common, uncapitalized words, and each will have just one syllable.



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