Radio Gift: Good Mourning Doves

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For this holiday season, Day to Day is giving you the only thing it can: radio. We offer today's radio gift to Tiffany Stanfield in Burlington, N.C. who grew up in Hawaii with the sound of mourning doves.


For this holiday season, we wanted to give something to you, our listeners, some radio gifts. We've been asking you for things you'd like to hear, and we've gotten quite a few responses.


Today's gift goes out to Tiffany Stanfield. She lives in Burlington, North Carolina these days, but she's originally from Hawaii. She said she grew up listening to the sound of mourning doves, and she thought for a long time they were called morning doves, as in good morning because they sounded so happy in the morning. Only later she realized that the morning in mourning doves is the other version of that word, as in grieving.

COHEN: She wrote to us, "Many times family on the mainland would call during the morning hours and wonder if we had an aviary in our apartment because the birds outside our window were so loud." Well, Tiffany, here is your wish. The sound of mourning doves cooing in the morning.

(Soundbite of cooing doves)

BRAND: A radio gift to listener Tiffany Stanfield. If there is something you'd like to hear, let us know about it. You can visit our blog at and look for the entry titled "We Can't Give You Anything But Radio, Baby."

(Soundbite of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love")

Now, I can't give you anything but love, radio, baby, ooh That's the only thing I've plenty of, radio, baby

BRAND: There's more to come after this.

(Soundbite of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love")

Scheme a while We're sure to find, baby Happiness and I guess

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