An Elephant Seal Terrorizes California

There's an aggressive elephant seal on the loose in California. Nibbles, as he's known, has bitten a surfer, a kayaker and killed a dozen harbor seals. Apparently, the young male seal has been unlucky in love and is not happy about it.


Surfers have to guard against shark bites, wicked(ph) under toes and jellyfish. Now at least on a small stretch of California also a love-crazed elephant seal. A male elephant seal, which been nicknamed Nibbles who splashes around the mouth of California's Russian River, has killed a dozen harbor seals, bit the leg of a surfer, a kayaker and recently leapt out of the water to sink his teeth into a pit bull named Sativa(ph).

Daters and boaters are being warned not to swim along that stretch. Kathy Lowry(ph), who witnessed the attack on Sativa said, I saw the elephant seal come out of the water like a torpedo, angled down on the dog and landed on him. Somehow, the dog wriggled out and squared off with the seal.

Joe Cordaro, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service, says that Nibbles is reacting like a typical frustrated male. It happens sometimes when the youngest plays bull with high testosterone levels, he says. They try to establish a new territory and mate with whatever they come across.

My gosh, what a (unintelligible) feral had been on that beach?

Later in the hour, taste the bouquet and the broccoli and the black fruit, a wine blogger, talks his tray(ph). Stay tuned.

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