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An Autumn Daydream, Five Months Early


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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Saltwater"
  • Artist: Beach House
  • CD: Beach House
  • Genre: Indie-Pop

Beach House makes songs that sound organic, shambling and unforced. hide caption

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Beach House doesn't traffic in sunny pop gems or summer driving anthems. Instead, Alex Scally's droning organs and moody guitars — topped by Victoria Legrand's gorgeous, lilting voice — provide a perfect soundtrack to autumn bonfires and snowy landscapes.

A sleepy lullaby, "Saltwater" never feels weary or tiresome. Instead, it adds up to three minutes of an autumn daydream, floating along in a wispy haze of skittering drumbeats that rise and fall like heartbeats. As Legrand sings, "Love you all the time / even though you're not mine," her lovely voice sounds extraordinarily powerful and stripped bare.

Beach House's songs feel organic, shambling and unforced: No drum machines were used in the making of the group's self-titled album, and it's easy to tell. Instead, the band relies on the clatter of found sounds and oddities like xylophones. The result is a fuzzy and idiosyncratic blanket of sound, which ought to attract the notice of those who pine for the return of Mazzy Star or Slowdive.

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