Vocal Impressions: Hearing Voices, Round Four

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Read the Descriptions

Click here to read listeners' descriptions of the voices of Mick Jagger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barry White and Luciano Pavarotti.

Commentator Brian McConnachie has been asking listeners to describe in poetic language their impressions of famous voices.

In his last challenge, he asked listeners to describe the voices of Sean Connery, Bob Dylan, Odetta and Mae West.

McConnachie also offers up four new voices: Mick Jagger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barry White and Luciano Pavarotti.

Listeners' Responses

Updated May 28, 2007

This batch of voices drew our largest response yet.

Last month, the voices you were invited to describe included rock 'n' roll legend Sir Mick Jagger, formidable first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, crooner extraordinaire Barry White and the great opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Below are the best of the descriptions you sent in.

Vocal Impressions: Hearing Voices, Round Three

Read the Descriptions

Click here to read listeners' descriptions of the voices of Sean Connery, Bob Dylan, Odetta and Mae West.

In March, commentator Brian McConnachie asked listeners to describe the distinctive voices of four well-known personalities: Sean Connery, Bob Dylan, Odetta and Mae West. The results of that challenge are in this story.

Now, McConnachie is issuing a fifth challenge in his "Vocal Impressions" series. How would you describe the voices of singers Mick Jagger, Barry White and Luciano Pavarotti, and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt?

Mick Jagger
Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
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"A fire in the street no one wants to put out" — Ken Peters

"A voice full of desire and lips that only kiss themselves" — Susan Smythe.

"A great date with the wrong guy" — Dana Nelson

"A saxophone being played while it's melting" — Jay Maille

"The first bad thing you did that felt good" — Mary Jane Brown

"A box of chocolate with a spider in it" — Julianne Hurst Williams

"Your annoying younger brother's annoying best friend the day after you had a surprisingly sexual dream about him" — Leslie Gurowitz

Eleanor Roosevelt
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
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"The American Queen Mum reminding us to play fair, be kind to others and lend a helping hand" — LeAnn Shotton

"A cross between Katharine Hepburn and Miss Piggy" — Bill Deresiewicz

"An upright broom standing in the corner ready to clean the house" — Martha Klobucar

"Julia Childs before she got into the cooking sherry" — Stephanie Miller

"A swimming pool in late October" — Jessica Carlson

"Sounds as though she is trying to speak during an unpleasant personal medical exam" — Kathryn Moore

Barry White
Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images
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"A roller-coaster ride in a hot tub through the tunnel of love" — Jim Green

"If syrupy, thick erotica owned a vehicle, his voice would be the car alarm" — George Harris

"Satin sheets caressing a velvet leisure suit on a waterbed" — Angus Vail

"A waterfall of melted butter" — Brent Lamb

"Sun-warmed cat fur" — Victoria Lecuyer

"Deep need on a Saturday night" — Schubert Moore

"What you'd expect to hear when you put your ear up to an empty bottle of Viagra" — John Crotty

Luciano Pavarotti
Dave Hogan/Getty Images
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"To hear Pavarotti is to wittingly empty the breath from your own chest that he may better present its intentions" — Ardith Wagley

"Humanity taking a victory lap" — Bradley Niblock

"All the magnificent architecture that has yet to be built" — Olivia Linda

"The universe vibrating inside your body" — Lea Mai

"The voice of every castrati crying out for heirs" — Charlene Rauch

"What seagulls must think they sound like" — Dick Hershberger

"The sound of your heart when you suffer a tremendous personal loss and you're asked, 'How do you feel?'" — Michael McCarthy

"A newborn baby's first taste of air" — Jessica Carlson

"The upwelling of joy for no particular reason except that you're 17, it's spring and the universe is beautiful beyond bearing" — Judith Anderson

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