Sin Fang Bous: 'Catch The Light'

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Sindri Mar Sigfusson, the mastermind behind Sin Fang Bous Sindri Mar hide caption

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Sin Fang Bous 300

Sindri Mar Sigfusson, the mastermind behind Sin Fang Bous

Sindri Mar

Iceland continues to produce some of the most inventive and memorable artists of any out there. The latest discovery is 26 year-old Sindri Mar Sigfusson, a singer who gained modest acclaim with the Reykjavik-based pop-folk group Seabear. Sigfusson has begun a new, more eclectic solo project called Sin Fang Bous, which reportedly derives its name from a shortened version of the singer's name, his teeth, and his conception of how his music sounds. Luckily for an American audience, Sigfusson's imagery-rich lyrics are easier to discern than the name of his new outfit, since he sings in English, rather than his native tongue.

Like Animal Collective, Sin Fang Bous layers and loops together unusual sound effects, samples, and vocals to create a sound that could easily melt into every nook in the most cavernous of spaces. In addition to the densely packed layers of melodies and effects, stark moments of stripped down sound creep into Clangour, making it more curious and inviting. If chaos could be taken apart, examined piece by piece, and put carefully back together in a more pleasing way, this is what it would sound like.

With its gentle vocals and pleasant melodies, Sin Fang Bous ultimately makes uplifting pop much like its predecessor, Seabear, to which Sindri Mar Sigfusson also lent vocals. But this time around, the bear has grown some teeth.

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