Suturee: 'Afraid Of Hands'

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Certain albums seem to lend themselves to a particular season. Some bands make music that beautifully accompanies those long, lazy summer days spent in the shade. Other artists, like today's group, Suturee, perfectly compliment the bleakness of winter, even though the band is originally from sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. Suturee's self-titled debut album is mellow and melodic without aggravating your Seasonal Affective Disorder. Suturee channels the warmth and coziness of an afternoon spent by the fire, sipping hot chocolate while the snow falls.

Like other moody groups (Mojave 3, Adem, A Weather), Suturee makes a languid blend of folk, pop, and shoegaze. The instrumentation is richly textured, but the gently sung vocals of chief members Julian Brau and Rebecca Adorno are the key to the group's appeal. As the band's name implies, Suturee makes music for those who have felt the sting of sutures or encountered "the disease of sound" mysteriously alluded to in the track "Me To Meet."

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