And now an update to a story we brought to you last week.

(Soundbite of "Britain's Got Talent")


That's Paul Potts singing "Nessun Dorma." The chubby car phone salesman in the cheap suit singing his way to English hearts on the television contest, "Britain's Got Talent."

BRAND: Paul had made it through the semi-finals when I spoke to him last Friday.

If you win, will you go back to being a cell phone salesman?

Mr. PAUL POTTS (Contestant): I don't think so. I don't think so. Certainly not from, you know, the reactions I've been getting, nobody's expecting me back.

Mr. SHANE CONWAY (Spokesman, The Carphone Warehouse): He hasn't returned to work, no, and to be perfectly honest, now that his career has taken off so dramatically, I'm not too sure that he will.

COHEN: That's Shane Conway, spokesman for Paul Potts's former employer, Carphone Warehouse, speaking with us this morning.

BRAND: And Paul Potts's career is taking off. He won the show's finale last night.

(Soundbite of "Britain's Got Talent")

Unidentified Man: Would you like to say something to all the millions of people out there who voted for you?

Mr. POTTS: Just thank you for believing in me. It's just absolutely bonkers.

COHEN: Paul Potts won nearly $200,000, and now he gets to sing for the queen.

(Soundbite of singing)

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