And in order to encourage kids to follow the basic rules of avoiding swine flu, such as wash your hands, well, that's a job for kids' songwriters.

Bill Harley wrote this tune for students at a school in Providence, Rhode Island.

(Soundbite of song, "Wash Your Hands")

Mr. BILL HARLEY (Singer/Songwriter): (Singing) When you're sitting in class, there's a tickle in your nose, then you let out a sneeze, your head finally explodes. You look down at your hand, it's all covered with that goo. Don't wipe it anywhere. You know what to do. You got to wash your hands. (Singing in foreign language). Wash your hands.

SIEGEL: Bill Harley is a Grammy award-winning songwriter. He's also a storyteller. And you can download his song by going to

Mr. HARLEY: (Singing) …keep the colds and the flu up there on the shelf. If you want to stay healthy, there's a little trick. Do it every day and you don't get sick. You got to wash your hands. (Singing in foreign language). Wash your hands. (Singing in foreign language).


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