Since the Labour Party remains in power, Tony Blair's successor was chosen without a national election, which for better or worse is something that would never happen in the United States. Instead of one chosen successor, Americans have more presidential candidates than we can count. And last night one of them turned up on "The Tonight Show."

Democrat John Edwards brought along his wife Elizabeth, which caused Jay Leno to ask about the couple's anniversary tradition.

(Soundbite of "The Tonight Show")

Mr. JAY LENO (Host): You guys have a 30th wedding anniversary coming up. Now, I know, you being a cheapskate, you go to - don't you go to Wendy's every year?

Mr. JOHN EDWARDS (Former Democratic Senator, North Carolina): Every year.

Mr. LENO: Now that you're successful, do you get the double burger?

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. EDWARDS: You see, you can't spend money on food when you're spending money on haircuts.

Mr. LENO: I see, that's it.

INSKEEP: John Edwards was mocked after his campaign paid for him to get a $400 haircut. He later repaid the campaign. Edwards has also been criticized recently after his anti-poverty organization paid for him to travel to New Hampshire, which happens to hold an early presidential primary.

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