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Live Earth Concert Kicks Off Saturday
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Live Earth Concert Kicks Off Saturday



Tomorrow at eight sites on six continents, musical acts will be performing in a marathon series of concerts called Live Earth. The shows are designed to raise awareness about global climate change. One of the organizers of the event was Al Gore. His film "An Inconvenient Truth" inspired a song by of the hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas. will perform the song tomorrow at the London Live Earth concert, and he told us how the song came about.

WILL.I.AM (Singer): We're at the Grammy's, February 2007. I'm getting ready to start the interview, and here comes Al Gore. I'm like, oh, my gosh. Dude, that's Al Gore. I'm not star-struck. I'm vice president struck. So then I started talking to Al Gore. And I say, hey, you know, "Inconvenient Truth" is, wow, you really inspired me. And I wrote a song. I'm not finished with it yet, but I'm almost finished. He was like, oh, we're doing this concert, 7/7/07 in London. Do you think you guys want to do it? I was like. I'm there.

(Soundbite of song, "Change the World (SOS)")

WILL.I.AM: And about the song, I was like, well, I'm almost finished with it. And just to keep 7/7/07 going, I'm going to send it to you seven days from now at 7 o'clock.

(Soundbite of song, "Change the World (SOS)")

WILL.I.AM: And then I seen him, I think it was eight days later, and he says you kept your promise and you sent it seven days later at 7/07. I was like, you see? And then he tells me, it was like, well, there's a couple other things that if you're open to criticism on changing it because we have to make it a little bit more hopeful because it was really like, to the point.

(Soundbite of song, "Change the World (SOS)")

WILL.I.AM: When the Eskimo gets bit by a mosquito, somebody in Miami will get swept by a tsunami. Rastas in Jamaica will get hit by a quake that registered something like 8.8.

(Soundbite of song, "Change the World (SOS)")

WILL.I.AM: And so he was like, you know, that's cool - but in the song - with hope and that we can change it. I was like, great. So I'm keeping all those lyrics, but the way we end it is on a different note, that we can do it.

(Soundbite of song, "Change the World (SOS)")

BLOCK: That's Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas talking about his song "Change the World (SOS)." We can't play with new ending because he hasn't recorded it, but he'll be performing it tomorrow on stage at London's Live Earth concert.

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