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Summer is that season that deserves its own soundtrack, for the beach, for warm nights and for the road. Don't worry if your travel budget is bit crimped: This summer, we're going to take you on a global journey through music. We're checking in on DJs, musicians and writers about the songs that define summer in some of the world's most vibrant cities. We're calling it The Spin.

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We begin our journey in the pristine, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, on the Spanish island of Ibiza. People from all over flock there for the beaches, the sunsets, the whitewashed villages and the nightlife. All summer, Ibiza is home to some of the world's top DJs. One of the biggest is David Guetta, and he says he opens his legendary Thursday night parties with his song, "Gettin' Over."

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Mr. DAVID GUETTA (Disc Jockey): I usually open my set with that record (unintelligible) because that's like it takes the level up.

NORRIS: It says, I'm here.

Mr. GUETTA: That's my weapon.

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NORRIS: If we were to visit Ibiza this summer, what would be the sound of summer? What kind of music would we be hearing spilling out of car windows?

Mr. GUETTA: Well, the difference in Ibiza is that underground culture is the mainstream. It's like you can go to the market and see an old lady that is selling vegetables, and you can ask, who is the biggest house DJ, and she will know.

NORRIS: And you are one of the big DJs, and you're known for these Thursday night parties. Tell me about these Thursday night parties. Who's invited? Where do you hold these parties? And what's the vibe?

Mr. GUETTA: The party is happening in a club called Pasha(ph). I do this with my wife, and it's not only a David Guetta club night. There's a lot to see, also.

NORRIS: So it's more of a production than just a dance party. What else is involved?

Mr. GUETTA: Well, we have some gigantic robots. We have some super-sexy shows. We have it would be like the Moulin Rouge of 2050, if you want.

NORRIS: It sounds like fun.

Mr. GUETTA: It is very fun.

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NORRIS: So you're in the DJ booth, and you're above all of this. What do you see from your perch?

Mr. GUETTA: I see a lot of arms in the air.

NORRIS: You get people moving?

Mr. GUETTA: Yeah, that's my job.

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Mr. GUETTA: Of course, it's about the party and having a good time, but for me, it's more than that. The nightlife is kind of a way to meet people that you wouldn't meet because what happens is in normal life, some people have a driver, some people take the subway. And those people, they never meet, never, and during the night, they do meet, and I love that.

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NORRIS: David Guetta, thanks so much for talking to us.

Mr. GUETTA: Thank you.

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NORRIS: And we'll be charting our spin around the world all summer at, where you can hear a full mix of club anthems by David Guetta.

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Mr. GUETTA: And I want to say that was the deeper interview I've ever made.

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Mr. GUETTA: About club life in Ibiza.

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