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Time now for our new segment dedicated to those of you who prefer your movies without the multiplex. Every week, lots of feature films, documentaries and TV shows make their way onto video.

So we've asked Bob Mondello to help us sort out the good from the bad. Bob's recommendation this week: a new box set of the "Dragon Tattoo" trilogy.

BOB MONDELLO: No guy who terrorizes women would ever want to meet Lisbeth Salander, the girl with the dragon tattoo.


MONDELLO: The girl who played with fire, the girl who kicked the hornet's nest.


MONDELLO: She's a girl, shall we say, of few words, every one of them choice.


NOOMI RAPACE: (As Lisbeth Salander) (Unintelligible).

MONDELLO: Lisbeth is fierce and avenging, leather-clad rape survivor/computer hacker/amateur detective. She's played on screen by Noomi Repace in a series based on Stieg Larsson's gazillion-selling Millennium novels.

The first move adaptation was designed as a film. The other two were international hits, too, but they were designed for Swedish TV. On the big screen, that was a drawback, but it means they play just fine on video.

The new box set has Lisbeth sleuthing in the original Swedish...


REPACE: (As Lisbeth) (Speaking foreign language).

MONDELLO: And also dubbed.


REPACE: (As Lisbeth) (Overdubbed) What's if it's a code?

MONDELLO: For those who just can't bear to take their eyes off Noomie Rapace. Extras include a European documentary about the author, as well as interviews, including one with the leading lady who, considering her screen persona, is almost disconcertingly cute and chatty.

Unidentified Man: Did you immediately see yourself in the role?

RAPACE: Yeah, but I always do. So, you know, I can read about, you know, a middle-age man and I see myself, in a way.

MONDELLO: Having been passed over for the American remakes, Rapace will soon co-star with Robert Downey Jr. in his next Sherlock Holmes mystery. But for anyone who watches this boxed set, it'll be hard to forget her as a girl with a dragon tattoo who plays with fire and kicks the hell out of hornets' nests.

I'm Bob Mondello.

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