The Bryan Brothers' Twin Grooves, On And Off The Court The identical twins and No. 1 doubles team in the world have been playing tennis and music since they were 6 years old.
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All right, you ready to move? Let's get back to our series about the music that makes you move. It's the Ultimate NPR Workout Mix. Today we're going to hear from the Bryan Brothers. The identical twins makes up the number one double tennis team in the world. It's a position they've held longer than anyone in tennis history.


GREENE: We caught up with the Bryans after a recent match at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. At that tournament, like at so many others, the Bryans not only play on the court, they play in the Bryan Brothers Band.


BRYAN BROTHERS BAND: (Singing) Let it rip. I can't be broken again. Let it rip.

GREENE: Bob, who's the younger twin by just two minutes, plays the keyboard and the bass with Mike on the drums.

BOB BRYAN: We've been playing music together since we - 6 years old, and tennis since the same, and so we're pretty much on the same page when we're out there, you know, off and on stage. I'm trying to lock into his bass and the dynamics of it. We can read each other pretty well. Whenever he takes up the tempo, takes up the dynamics, I'm right there with him - and same on the court.

GREENE: Bob says that whether it's tennis or music, it's important not to over-think it, just to relax.

BRYAN: If you're thinking about technique and shot production and strokes, it breaks down, you know. Same thing if you're thinking about chords and playing this note or that note.

MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, you're not grooving as much.

GREENE: And so what music helps the Bryan Brothers get in the groove on and off the court? Well, U2 has had a big influence on them, no surprise their first pick is Sunday Bloody Sunday.


U2: (Singing) Sunday, bloody Sunday. Sunday, bloody Sunday.

GREENE: Another favorite is Coldplay's "Paradise."


COLDPLAY: (Singing) When she was just a girl, she expected the world. But it flew it away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep. And dream of para-para-Paradise...

GREENE: And the Bryan Brothers top pick comes from the Dave Matthews Band. It's called "#41."


DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: (Singing) ...there's one. All by (unintelligible)

BRYAN: We had that CD in our racquet bag, and we'd always play it on our way to courts. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but it's an absolute groove and one of our all-time favorite bands.

GREENE: There you have it. That's the Bryan Brothers with their picks for the Ultimate NPR Workout Mix. And you can stream the entire mix, whether you're working out or not, at

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