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As you heard in Claudio's story, Juan Carlos was first introduced to the notion of the American dream through literature - Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman." That notion - of a better tomorrow for those who work hard enough - is pervasive in American literature, art and music.

And so is the opposite idea - that the American dream is just a fantasy.


MERRILL GARBUS: I'm Merrill Garbus. I started a band called tUnE-yArDs. And I wrote a song called "My Country," out of frustration with the current state of the United States.


GARBUS: We cannot all have it. You know, that's the whole idea of the American dream - is, we can all have it as long as we work hard. And that is untrue. There are so many ways in our country where we are not giving the same opportunities to everybody.


tUnE-yArDs: (Singing) The worst thing about living a lie is just wondering when they'll find out.

GARBUS: "My Country," first of all, does do this thing of playing with the original patriotic melody.


GARBUS: It lands on this really weird, unexpected note. And that's something that musically, says there's something suspect here; let's investigate this more.


tUnE-yArDs: (Singing) We cannot all have it - well, now, what do you want me to say to those others? Oh yes, there's a place for you, but that place is underneath the cushion of my behind. And you cannot have it. Well, then why did you say so? With my eyes open, how can I be happy? With my eyes open, if nothing of this is ours, how will I ever know when something's mine?

GARBUS: Because of the structures of power and of money in our country, the American people are often excluded from what's really making the policy. If we're being excluded from our government, how are we included, then, in this idea of the American dream?


GARBUS: The ability to speak my feelings about my experience as an American, is absolutely part of my American dream.


GREENE: Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, talking her song "My Country." And you can see the music video for the song at our website, And as part of our series, we want to know what the American dream means to you. So surprise us with your words and pictures. Go to


tUnE-yArDs: (Singing) The worst thing about living a lie is just wondering when they'll find out.

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