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Brits Battle For Cheesy Glory By Writing National Anthem For Cheddar
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Brits Battle For Cheesy Glory By Writing National Anthem For Cheddar


Now, news from the realm of fermented milk products. We've learned that the British Cheese Board has narrowed the field in its competition to create an anthem for cheddar cheese.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: (Singing) We love our cheddar cheese. No imitations, please. We love our cheese.

BLOCK: That entry is one of more than 100 sent in since May. Lyricists were asked to set their odes to cheddar to one of three traditional British tunes, the hymn, "Jerusalem," the patriotic classic "Land of Hope and Glory" or the National Anthem.

Now, five finalists remain. Among them, this stirring opus recorded in a pub comparing cheddar favorably to foreign cheeses.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 2: (Singing) (Unintelligible).They just don't compare.

BLOCK: Another finalist takes a folksy approach to celebrating the taste of cheddar.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 3: (Singing) A noble flavor bound to please, fit for a plowman or a king. The gorgeous taste of cheddar cheese.

BLOCK: Here's another group praising the incomparable curd.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 4: (Singing) Cheddar, you are my (unintelligible). Cheddar, you are my (unintelligible).

BLOCK: The Cheese Board plans to announce a winner in August. Meanwhile, the public is invited to vote for these masterworks at the board's website. The winner receives a year's supply of British cheddar. We failed to ask how much cheese that actually is.

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