Red Sox Send the Rockies Rolling Boston dominated the Colorado Rockies, winning the series title last night in a fourth straight win. Our very own Monday morning quarterback, Bill Wolff, talks about the weekend in sports.
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Red Sox Send the Rockies Rolling

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Red Sox Send the Rockies Rolling

Red Sox Send the Rockies Rolling

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Mr. FRED WILLARD (Actor): I've put together a little line up. Let's see if Terry Francona is okay. Let's see who we're putting out on the field. Leading off, Jacoby Ellsbury, centerfield. Number two, Dustin Pedroia, second base. Number three, David Ortiz, no designated hitter. He wants to play first base. You tell him no.

(Soundbite of laughter)


That was Fred Willard, reading the Red Sox starting line up at last night -start of World Series game four. All Fred forgot to announce was the name of the broom - the one the Red Sox used to sweep the World Series in just four games.

We'll talk more about the series. A-Rod no want to be in his Yankees contract anymore. And the first NFL American Football game goes down on British turf.

Bill Wolff, husband to me, friend of the BPP and former disembodied voice on ESPN's "Around the Horn" to the rest of the world. Hi, hon.

BILL WOLFF: Hi, baby. How are you?

STEWART: I'm great. How are you doing? So did Colorado even show up for the World Series? I mean…

WOLFF: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

STEWART: Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?

WOLFF: Yeah, well, there were three one-run games. I mean, the game two was a 2-1 squeaker. Game three, Saturday night, which we missed because the cable went out…

STEWART: The cable did go out.

WOLFF: They closed at 6-nothing gap, 6-5.

STEWART: What did we watch instead? I watched the inside of my eyelids.

WOLFF: I watched Ohio State beat Penn State. That's just - that's who I am. And then last night was a 4-3 game in which Colorado fell behind 4-nil, but came back with a couple of homeruns late and made it close. So they showed up. They just weren't as good four different - they were barely not as good three of the four games. And good night, now.


It was exactly as you predicted last week on this very program. You said Boston had more high-price talent and would win out in the Series.

WOLFF: Yeah. They have more high-price talent. That's right. They also have really great, young talent, and they also traded for a bunch of great talent. I think it can be said that the Red Sox are the standard by which everybody else is judged right now. And to answer my question that wasn't asked me, I think it's because they're simply better at this…

STEWART: That doesn't happen often.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: Take it easy. No, don't give away the secrets, baby. It's because they assess talent better than everybody else. They have adopted the modern statistical, quantitative analysis of talent, which used to be all qualitative, you know, an old guy chewing tobacco says he's fast. He can play. Well, now they look at the numbers throughout a player's career and they make decisions based on the stats, and they wind up with the best. They have the most talent. That's the best team in baseball, Boston Red Sox. No doubt about it.

STEWART: So Boston…

WOLFF: I'm sorry to say, it's bad news for everybody who's not a Red Sox fan.

STEWART: Boston Red Sox win the World Series, headline almost getting pushed off the sports pages…

WOLFF: So good.

STEWART: …by this news that Alex Rodriguez - A-Rod - opting out of this 10-year…


STEWART: …$252 million deal.


STEWART: He - now, my first thought went to - knowing not a lot about sports - that Joe Torre leaving might have something to do with it. But would that be enough for A-Rod to give up 72 million in his final guaranteed salary? Is Torre leaving enough or is that not even in the equation, really?

WOLFF: Well, I think it's an equation. But let's just take a real world example. I know you like your bosses very much there…


WOLFF: …at the NPR.

BURBANK: Awesome.


BURBANK: Awesome people.

WOLFF: Let's just say they had signed you to a 10-year, $250 million contract, but one of them says…

STEWART: You're lips to God's ears.

WOLFF: …I'm out of here. What would you do?

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: I'd say, hey, new boss. How are you doing? I'm the one who makes 25 million a year. Please pay me. I think that the cover story is that Torre is no longer the manager and that there's some - there are a lot of other free agents that the Yankees have. So there is some question as to what the team will look like and who will be its leader next year. And so that's a very good cover story to say, well, I had to opt out because it's just not a certainty if I stay here.

However, he's no fool, and his agent is a guy called Scott Boras, B-O-R-A-S, and he is one of the all-time nastiest negotiators. He's the guy who got him $252 million in the first place. And I don't think they'll make this move - excuse me - if they didn't think there was something better than $25 million a year out there for them somewhere. So I think it's - I think he's looking for more money. But, I mean, I think that's the bottom line. I don't…

BURBANK: I choose to watch, though…

WOLFF: …A little bit it's going to be about Torre. But I don't think that's the whole story.

BURBANK: Even if that is what it is, I choose to interpret it as it's like "The Karate Kid." The Yankees are the big muscular, blonde haired, Billy Zabka who gets everything from Cobra Kai. But even with all his money and all of his glitz and glamour, he can't get the girl. He can't get Alex Rodriguez. And Alex is going to go to Milwaukee with Daniel and win the tournament. Okay, it kind of breaks down at the end…

WOLFF: (unintelligible)

BURBANK: …but it's just nice to see the Yankees not get their way for once.

WOLFF: Oh, I never thought of "The Karate Kid," Luke, so I can't comment, but I'm sure that's an unbelievable metaphor.

(Soundbite of laughter)

BURBANK: It was terrible.

WOLFF: No. I'm sure it was brilliant. I interpret it as this guy, Alex Rodriguez, is the best player on the planet, and he may go down as the greatest player of all time. He is a - it's - he is superhuman. And he is - he has the option to be a free agent when the rest of the free-agent market is fairly thin, meaning his price will be higher than it normally would be, which would be extremely high.

And so here's the guy who's got a chance, not only to make $30 million a year, but you hear rumors about deals cut with the Cubs and deals cut here and there, which might potentially include equity in the club with which he signed. I mean if the Cubs said to him, we'll give you $25 million a year over X number of years. And then when you're done, we'll give you five percent of the team. It'd be hard to turn that down.

I just think he's at a place where he can make an unbelievable deal somewhere whether it's with the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Mets, the Dodgers, the Angels - those are the teams that are being talked about. He's just in a great negotiating position, so why wouldn't he take it? It's not really that surprising.

STEWART: Good weekend for Boston, the Red Sox, obviously.

WOLFF: Good time for Boston.

STEWART: Patriots, they whomped Washington like 900-4, what was the ending.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: Nine hundred to three.


(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: What was the real score?

WOLFF: It's 52-7.

STEWART: Hey, we were actually really close, but…

WOLFF: That is official, by the way, that is official. That crossed the line into whomping.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: But you were saying - you told me late last night, this morning - I don't' remember - that next week's game is the one to really watch with…

WOLFF: Well, yeah.

STEWART: …with Boston.

WOLFF: Yeah, you know, we've been talking here on the BPP about how great the New England Patriots are - and they are. And then there's this other team, the Super Bowl champs, the Indianapolis Colts, starring the quarterback from all the commercials, Peyton Manning. And they're just about as good. It's hard to say who's better, the Colts or the Patriots, and, yes, they're the Colts, who put a mini whomping on the Carolina Panthers in…

BURBANK: And I'm doubling(ph).

WOLFF: …Carolina, 31-7. And so both of these teams - New England and Indianapolis - who both - they have been the best two teams for a number of years - they play next week in a battle of teams that hasn't been beaten and, in fact, hasn't - neither one of them has really been challenged yet - Indianapolis, a little more challenged than New England. And so here we go every year, as Luke - any sports fan will tell you - every year, there's a game of the century, which is kind of excellent…

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: …that every year there's a game of the century - so this is the game of the century this year, and this one is a big one. We'll see a - you know, the stakes really are - it's - the stakes really are futures - that is whoever wins this game this week, it won't mean much this week. They're both still going to be excellent teams, both will still be in the playoffs, but down the road, if one of these teams has a chance to be considered, you know, the greatest team of all time, which is the way it's going, this will be the game which will tip the argument in its favor, I think.

So it's a big - oh, big, big, big game. You don't get many regular season, non-playoffs games that are this compelling and this exciting beforehand. We'll see how it turns out when they play it. But the lead up will be insane.

STEWART: All right, so we'll be TiVoing that because you and I'll be on an airplane next week.

WOLFF: Can't wait to be on an airplane with you, baby.

STEWART: All right, also - that's good, I guess.

WOLFF: Yeah.

STEWART: That's good - hey, that'll be our anniversary.

WOLFF: You bet it will.

STEWART: That's right, Bill Wolff.

BURBANK: Oh, love.

WOLFF: You don't have to remind me, baby.

STEWART: All right.

BURBANK: Exciting and new.

WOLFF: Greatest year of my life.

(Soundbite of laughter)


OLFF: True, baby.

STEWART: Bill Wolff.

WOLFF: It worked for me.

STEWART: Sports guy and big, old romantic. Thanks.

WOLFF: Love is love, I'm sorry.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Okay that's enough.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: All right.

STEWART: I'll talk to you later.

WOLFF: Bye, babe.


BURBANK: Oh. William Wolff, ladies and gentlemen.

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