Now, once MORNING EDITION gets our drone up and working, we'll send it out looking for inspiration, because NPR's launched an online project called Participation Nation. We're looking for stories of people in your community who are doing good.


At the end of this month, we'll put them all together. To kick things off, we talked to people from Arizona to New Jersey and asked: Do you know someone who's going something great in your town?


BASAIL JOHNSON: Yeah, definitely.

JIMMY DIRKS: David Weaver. He is the head of the food bank.

CHABELI ARROJO: My mentor is, like, the best.

SCOTT BIXBY: My friend, Brent Miller.

LAURYN SCOTT: I'm just helping her because she's my best friend, but it's her idea. It's her money, her vision, everything.

PATRICK WILLIFORD: He is definitely taking some really great initiative, and it's great to see.

JESSICA BANWART: She was really organized. She definitely held it together and gave everyone a vision.

ARROJO: She helped me get jobs. She takes me to see colleges. She educates me. Like, we meet up every Thursday.

MARJORIE CAVALIER: I'm from Middletown, New Jersey, and Bon Jovi has a restaurant there. And if you can't afford to pay, you can sit down for a really nice dinner and volunteer your time. It's a wonderful thing.

KENYA JENKINS: His name is Pastor Frankey Grayton. He's really great, and he's changed a lot of people's lives.

JENNIFER SPENSIERI: In Flagstaff Arizona, we have two teachers who take students down to the border, to share that experience and meet migrants who are coming and help drop off water.

LOREN KELLEY: My tennis coach, Eric Seymour, he gets kids from off the street to, like, play tennis for free.

SCOTT: We're doing, like, a back-to-school barbecue, raising money for school supplies.

GAYLA DIRKS: We have too many to list.

DIRKS: That's right. We, yeah, there are a lot.

DIRKS: Lubbock is very community-minded.

INSKEEP: OK. There's some of the answers to our question. Now we turn to you for answers. Who is community-minded where you are? And what are they doing?

MONTAGNE: Go to or send an email Tell us in 100 words or less about who inspires you. This is MORNING EDITION, from NPR News.

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