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It's Her Spotlight, The Band Just Lives In It
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It's Her Spotlight, The Band Just Lives In It

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FUN.: (Singing) Tonight, we are young...


By now, you've probably heard this song over and over and over again - in commercials, on the radio, on TV shows. The tune, "We Are Young," shot the band fun. into stardom. So this summer we're following fun. on their world tour, to see how long they can keep that fame going.

As bands get bigger, so does the size of their road crew. On this check-in, we spoke with Jackie Finney, who's the band's lighting director.

JACKIE FINNEY: Basically, when a band hires a designer, they put together a look that - you know, when you go to see a live show, that's what you see. It can be anything from video to special effects - like, confetti - to the lighting fixtures. And we go into a warehouse, and we build the entire thing, and we set up the lighting console. And we program, cue-by-cue, every single step of every single song. So if you have, like, a really upbeat song - like, for example, their new single "Some Nights." It's such a big hit when they play it. And I always start the lights sort of in the crowd, when that drum beat kicks in.


FUN.: (Singing) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. This is it, boys, this is war. What are we waiting for?

FINNEY: So for a song that's really upbeat and moving fast, I would do something like a white light, that's going to be bright and in people's faces. And then for a really slow ballad, there is more of like, ambers and magentas that are just like, kind of soft and just really beautiful.


FUN.: (Singing) Well, I woke to the sound of silence, the covers were cutting like knives in a fistfight. And I found you with a bottle of wine, your head in the curtains and heart like the Fourth of July. You swore and said we are not, we are not shining stars. This I know, I never...

FINNEY: For me, it's really fulfilling when I've worked all day and, you know, got this whole lighting rig up, when people come in and they are freaking out, and they're so excited; it's kind of like, this is awesome; like, I helped do this, you know? So as the shows get bigger and the crowds get bigger, it's just more fulfilling to see more people enjoy your hard work as well as the band's hard work.

SIMON: Jackie Finney, lighting director of the band fun. You can hear more from the band, and see a live performance, at


FUN.: (Singing) Carry on, carry on.

SIMON: This is NPR News.

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