Back now with DAY TO DAY.

And a really close to home look at the Hollywood writers' strike it's affecting a number of our regular contributors and so we asked a few of them to give us a call.

MARK JORDAN LEGAN: It's Mark Jordan Legan. I've been a professional writer for a long time, have been in the guild for over 15 years and, you know, I, for one, do not want a strike and to be honest, most of the members of the Writers' Guild can afford to strike - but this is definitely worth fighting for. That's about it. And now if you excuse me, I have to go punch up the picket signs.

Ms. ANNABELLE GURWITCH (Actress): It's Annabelle Gurwitch. I was going to leave you a funny little message with my husband Jeff, who's a member of the writers' guild. I asked him to do a little recreation of the fight we had this morning about the fact that our son's homework didn't get done because we let our son's tutor go this week in preparation for the Writers' Guild strike. Jeff didn't think that was funny. I have to go because we're having another argument about that. Anyway, we're really worried and we feel that if the strike goes on a long time, there's going to be a spike in the divorce rates. Okay, talk to you later. Bye.

RANDY SKLAR: Randy Sklar, one of the sports brothers, contributors to DAY TO DAY, also a member of the Writers' Guild. It's hard. To say it's very hard and is apparent with few kids and a family depending on me it just dead that is it really exposes the difficulty of this business and the precarious nature of the house of cards that this business it's on. But at the same time, it's, it's to me, it's cut and dry it's simple, if a corporation benefits off of material written by someone in any way, shape or form no matter what it's on. If it's on a mobisode on a phone, if it's on your computer, it's on the Internet, then the person you created that material needs to be compensated. That's the bottom line, as soon as that kind of gets recognized, I believe everyone will be able to move forward - and I hope so.

BRAND: That's Randy Sklar of the Sklar brothers. We also heard from actress Annabelle Gurwitch and from Mark Jordan Legan of "Summary Judgment" fame.

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