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Today we check in, for the last time, with the band fun. We've been keeping tabs on the band this summer - as they tour the world - talking to various members of their crew. Now, we focus on the person most essential to any band's success - the fan. And as fun. front man Nate Ruess tells it, for this band there's also a song that is essential.


FUN.: (Singing) Tonight, we are young...

NATE RUESS: We make a joke that we want to make a shirt that says, "I'm 35. I've got two kids. I've got the night off. Get to the song."


FUN.: (Singing) We can burn brighter than the sun...

ADAM BECKER: My name is Adam Becker. I'm from Tarrytown, New York. And I saw fun. for the first time in November of 2010. So I saw - I guess I saw them three times for this tour.


FUN.: (Singing) So let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun...

BECKER: You can't go anywhere without "We Are Young" right now. "We Are Young" is great, but so are every other song on the new album, and all the songs on the old album.


FUN.: (Singing) Light a Roman candle with me, just a Roman candle. You can wear your sandals and I'll pour you just one cup of tea. Then you can go and rest. You haven't seen my best.

MEGAN OBERLEY: My name is Megan Oberley(ph). I sell T-shirts and posters, and things like that, at the shows. You'll always find me in the lobby, or in the side of the room; selling T-shirts, talking to kids. A lot of the kids, it's their first concert. So it's just exciting - just watching the kids go crazy as soon as they hit the stage; and shaking when they walk up to the merch table with their $20 in hand, to buy their first band T-shirt they've ever bought in their life, you know.


FUN.: (Singing) This growing old is getting old. I often find myself here thinking about the birds, the boats and past loves; that flew away or started sinking.

OBERLEY: There's not a lot of people that I've met, that are diehard fans just because of the singles. They're diehard fans because they heard like, a random song. Like, "The Gambler" is a big song for fans.


FUN.: (Singing) Slow down, we've got time left to be lazy. All the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers, in our eyes. We've got 50 good years left...

RUESS: I prefer to connect with fans from the stage. Like, I don't have a Twitter page, or anything like that. So for me, that's what the show is about. For me - is a way to interact with fans; being up onstage and showing them, through music - which is all I really know - the best way to say thank you.


FUN.: (Singing) We were barely 18 when we crossed collective hearts. It was cold...

SIMON: Nate Ruess, singer-songwriter for the band fun. That's our last stop with fun. Continue on tour - next, in Canada. You can hear more of their music, and read about their rise to fame, at This is NPR News.

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