And now, let's hear some music to relish. In a series we're calling "Heavy Rotation," we're asking public radio personalities from around the country to share a new, favorite song they're playing in heavy rotation, as the phrase goes - putting it on radio a lot. MORNING EDITION, with the help of our friends at NPR Music, checked in with a station in Las Vegas that specializes in R&B.

BEN FAMOUS, BYLINE: My name's Ben Famous. I'm music director here at Power88, Las Vegas, Nevada; KCEP-FM 88.1.


AVANT: Ladies and gentlemen...

FAMOUS: The song that I chose was Avant, featuring Keke Wyatt, "You and I."


AVANT: I want to talk about the one I love...

FAMOUS: I got this particular song about three months ago. Hearing 30 seconds of it, I just said to myself: This is going to be a hit.


AVANT: (Singing) Oh, baby, funny how things have changed in my life now, whether near or far, I want to be where you are...

INSKEEP: So that is the song in heavy rotation at Power88 in Las Vegas, thanks to music director Ben Famous.

FAMOUS: It's almost like what Motown used to do, back in the day, with their ballads. It's a Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell-type song. And it definitely has staying power. It's going to be around for a little bit.


KEKE WYATT: (Singing) Oh boy, you and I, one hell of a chemistry. Baby I, I'm giving up this life for you...

FAMOUS: The first time we played it, the phone lines lit up and people were, like, who is that? What is that? But every time we play it, we just get great, great reviews.


WYATT: (Singing) Oh, baby.

AVANT: (Singing) You and I, together for always. Baby, I breathe every single breath for you, baby...

INSKEEP: That's Avant, featuring Keke Wyatt, with "You and I," a favorite at KCEP - Power88 - in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can download the song, and other selections from our series "Heavy Rotation," at

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