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Rye Rye Just Wants To Be 'Young And Playful'
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Rye Rye Just Wants To Be 'Young And Playful'


You want to talk about stimulating your senses, have a listen to this:


RYE RYE: (Rapping) Throw it out and bang...

GREENE: The musician you're hearing has toured with the likes of Katy Perry. The New York Times and Billboard have noted her as an artist to watch. And still, there's a good chance you've never heard of her. Her name is Rye Rye.

As we reach the year's end, we're catching up on Music We Missed. And today, we've got Rye Rye's debut album, "Go. Pop. Bang."


RYE: (Rapping) When I say, go, pop, bang and I say high, throw up your thing, move to the beat do the two-step swing. And if you don't dance, get go bang...

GREENE: OK, we admit it. Rye Rye's music may be better suited for a club than early morning radio. But if you're headed to the club, it's easy to dance to with a lot of bass. Rye Rye is confident and peppy, and she raps insanely fast.


RYE: (Rapping) Rolling high with a star come catch up...

GREENE: Speaking to us from her tour bus, she sounds like just a kid.

RYE: Hey, my name is Rye Rye and I'm 22. I'm from Baltimore.

GREENE: Twenty-two and already seasoned. Back when she was just 15, Rye Rye had the guts to leave a rap on a local music producer's voicemail.

RYE: Yeah, it was kind of like: Rap with it, fight with it, lean with it, jump with it; like something like - I don't know. But I know that in the second verse I was like: I'm a to shake it to the ground, bring it back up, turn it all around, yeah, you know what's up.

GREENE: That producer got her in a studio and that line from the voicemail spawned her first big hit.


RYE: (Rapping) I'm the one that's great and I'm a to shake it to the ground, bring it back up, twirl it all around, yeah, you know what's up. I'm a shake it to the ground and bring it back up, twirl it all around, yeah, you know what's up. I'm a shake it to the ground and bring it back up and twirl it all around, yeah, you know what's up. Mo-mo-mo move it...

GREENE: Her sound and her dance moves, got the attention of Grammy winner M.I.A. And their work together expanded Rye Rye's sound beyond the Baltimore club scene.


RYE: (Rapping) Now it's time and we proceed, come get with me if you know my seat. Sunshine it's a friend of mine...

GREENE: M.I.A. took her on tour even though Rye Rye was still in high school.

RYE: My teachers would allow me to take a bunch of work on the road and just bring it back in.

GREENE: In 2009, her first album was all set to be released, but then it wasn't.

RYE: Because I got pregnant. And when I was like six months pregnant, my child's father had got shot four times and he got paralyzed.

GREENE: Rye Rye heard this news while on tour in Europe and she quickly flew home. A few months later she had her daughter, Kennedy.

Her album release was delayed indefinitely, but the label stuck with her and she eventually got back to the music.

RYE: After that it was kind of about catching up. I just started recording nonstop.

GREENE: And this year, finally released her debut album. Now, nowhere on the album do we hear about her boyfriend getting shot, or about her being a young, single mom. She just doesn't go there.

RYE: I don't feel like that's the route I wanted to go in because there's millions of rappers out here that takes that route. Like, they get real deep and I was young, so I figure I might as well keep it just young and playful.


RYE: (Rapping) hard people calling my name. I'm a girl. I'm a strong (unintelligible) for doing serious things. I'm a really nice girl, you know. We should take a little trip to Baltimore...

GREENE: That young and playful voice is Rye Rye. Her debut album is called "Go. Pop. Bang." It's just some of the music we missed in 2012. And to hear more, go to


RYE: (Rapping) ...keep rocking, hardcore girls get locking. Steady (unintelligible) me and the girl keep locking, knocking, knocking. Keep it real, real, real, real, real, real, real. Hardcore girls, hard-hard, hardcore girls, hard-hard, hardcore girls, hard-hard...


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