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Elvis Left The Building Long Ago, But His Food (And Music) Lives On
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Elvis Left The Building Long Ago, But His Food (And Music) Lives On

Found Recipes


And now, we take a moment to commemorate the 78th birthday of Elvis Presley.


ELVIS PRESLEY: (Singing) Well, bless my soul, what's wrong with me? I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree...

BLOCK: Okay, okay. Seventy-eight is not exactly a milestone, but it's a good enough excuse to hear our latest found recipe, the Elvis Presley milkshake.

SEAN BROCK: It's peanut butter, banana, some cooked crispy bacon and we also used bacon fat and ice cream.

BLOCK: Wait, did he say bacon and bacon fat? Oh, yes, he did. There's also some bourbon in there.


BLOCK: To tell us all about the Elvis Presley milkshake is Chef Sean Brock, owner of the restaurant Husk and McCrady's in Charleston, South Carolina. It's something he concocted to share with his staff as a treat. It goes great with cheeseburgers, he says.


PRESLEY: (Singing) My heart beats so it scares me to death. Well, she touched my...

SEAN BROCK: I am a really big Elvis fan. One of his favorite things to eat was a peanut butter and banana sandwich that he would often fry in bacon fat or, like, tons and tons of butter.


PRESLEY: (Singing) Well, I woke up this morning (unintelligible)

BROCK: One day, it was right around Elvis' birthday, I just wanted to do something unique and fun. And immediately thought of those flavors.


PRESLEY: (Singing) I ain't had no milk and butter since that cow's been gone.

BROCK: So two very ripe bananas, vanilla ice cream, just straight peanut butter, some bacon that has been cooked crispy and there's also a little bacon fat. You want the bacon fat to be cold and solid. The bourbon is really my touch. A lot of people don't know that Elvis actually didn't drink. It's just something we added in there for our own personal amusement.


PRESLEY: (Singing) Let's milk it.

BROCK: I don't even want to know what the calorie count is going to be. There you go, an Elvis Presley milkshake. And it has, like, chunks of bacon in it. So good. One of my favorite things.


PRESLEY: (Singing) Well...

BLOCK: Chef Sean Brock is based in Charleston, South Carolina. You can get the recipe for the Elvis Presley milkshake at NPR's food blog "The Salt," and try it for yourself.


And just out of curiosity, between the bacon, peanut butter, bourbon, ice cream and bananas, we decided to figure a rough estimate of how many calories are in that recipe. And it's just under 2,400 calories. But break it up with six friends and you're looking at about 400 calories per serving.

BLOCK: Ooh, about an hour on the treadmill uphill.

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