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Capital, Not The Capital
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Capital, Not The Capital


Finally, it's what we've all been waiting for. Let's bring back our winners to play our Ask Me One More final round. From As Seen On TV, Valerie Glassman.


EISENBERG: From Something In Common: Dean Rosenblum.


EISENBERG: From Sing What: Catherine Sommerfeld.


EISENBERG: From He Was In That: Hannah Van Winkle.


EISENBERG: And from No "I" In Team: Leo Auray.


EISENBERG: John Chaneski, take us out.

JOHN CHANESKI: Today's final game is called Capital, Not the Capital. For this final round, we're going to name a world city. You have to tell us if it is the national capital of the country it's in.

For example, if I said London, you could say capital, since London is the capital of the United Kingdom. And if I said Hoboken, you would say not the capital, because Hoboken is not the capital of the United States.

We're playing this spelling bee style, so answer one wrong and you're off the stage. You'll only have a few seconds to give us an answer. The last person standing is today's grand winner. Ready players? Here we go. Valerie, Shanghai?

VALERIE GLASSMAN: Not the capital.

CHANESKI: Not the capital is right. China's capital is Beijing.




CHANESKI: Yes, capital of Cuba.


CHANESKI: Catherine, Cairo?


CHANESKI: Sorry, it's the capital of Egypt.

Hannah, Kyoto?

HANNAH VAN WINKLE: Not the capital.

CHANESKI: That's right. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.


CHANESKI: Leo, Munich?

LEO AURAY: Not the capital.

CHANESKI: That's right. Berlin is the capital of Germany.


CHANESKI: Valerie, Athens?

GLASSMAN: Capital.

CHANESKI: Yes, the capital of Greece, very good.


CHANESKI: Dean, Sydney?


CHANESKI: No. The capital of Australia is Canberra.


CHANESKI: Hannah, Istanbul?

WINKLE: Capital.

CHANESKI: No, the capital of Turkey is Ankara. Leo, Bogota?

AURAY: Capital.

CHANESKI: Yes, the capital of Colombia, very good.


CHANESKI: Valerie, Brussels?

GLASSMAN: Not the capital.

CHANESKI: No, I'm sorry; it is the capital of Belgium. Leo, Rio de Janeiro?

AURAY: Not the capital.

CHANESKI: It's not the capital. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. So, Leo, that makes you our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner.


EISENBERG: Congratulations, Leo Auray, you are our big winner. You win or grand prize. Our grand prize is a copy of David Rees' book, "How to Sharpen Pencils." And David will send you your very own artisanally sharpened pencil.


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