For today's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED Found Recipe, we went to a hot place for a cool cocktail.


CHAD PHILLIPS: A great cocktail should be well balanced and leave you feeling completely satisfied and better about your life from the second you sat down at my bar.

BLOCK: And that bar would be The Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach. Chad Phillips is considered by many to be one of the best bartenders there, thanks to his culinary and creative approach to mixing drinks.

PHILLIPS: Today, I'm going to make the Beet Me in St. Louis cocktails, one of my favorite cocktails.

BLOCK: Beat Me in St. Louis? Beat as in...


MICHAEL JACKSON: (Singing) Beat it. Beat it. No one...

PHILLIPS: Just to clarify that it's B-E-E-T, as in the red vegetable. not beat as in Michael Jackson's "Beat it."


BLOCK: That's right, beets. They're not just for soup and salads anymore.

PHILLIPS: So this drink has a beet infused Beefeater Gin, little bit of Domain De Canto ginger liquor, some fresh squeezed lemon juice and a honey tarragon syrup.


PHILLIPS: This cocktail created for my fiancee on her first Mother's Day. It's kind of born from the start of our relationship when we bounded over our love of Beefeater martinis, and cooking beets in our kitchen. And so, for her first Mother's Day, I really wanted to encompass our relationship in a glass.

And so, I took some fresh red beets, skinned them, peeled them, put them in a jar with Beefeater Gin. And I let that sit for about three days, and then I had this beautiful beet gin and no idea really what to do with it. So I went to kind of my bible, "The Flavor Bible," which lists - it's essentially a cookbook that lists all of the flavor pairings of different ingredients and how they go together.

I started looking through that, what goes well with beets. Turns out ginger goes really well, honey goes really well, lemon juice, tarragon. And it turns out all of these flavors really worked well together. And so, I took the gin to my bar and - believe or not - my first try, I nailed it. It was a perfect drink. And so I went home that night and I made it for my fiancee and she loved it. And because of that it's one of my favorite drinks I've ever created.


PHILLIPS: And as we strained it in, we're going to finish it off with a garnish, which is two tarragon leaves. And it's to really bring out aroma. We're going to place them in our palm. We're going to give them a nice, hard smack.


PHILLIPS: And then we're going to lay those on top of the drink, just to really put those aromas in your nose as you take your first sip. It just kind of coats your entire mouth with happiness. And just all the way down, it's just beautiful.


BLOCK: And if you can't get to Miami, or just want to try this at home, you can find Chad Phillip's recipe for his Beet Me in St. Louis Cocktail on the Found Recipes page at



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