A moment, now, to hear what's catching the ear of our kids' music reviewer, Stefan Shepherd. It's a new album from Boston musician Alastair Moock. It's dedicated to Moock's daughter Clio, who was diagnosed with leukemia. The album is called "Singing Our Way Through: Songs For The World's Bravest Kids." Here's Stefan.

STEFAN SHEPHERD, BYLINE: I don't know what I'd do if my child suffered a life-threatening illness, but I'm guessing my response would involve music.


SHEPHERD: That was a definitely a big part of how Boston musician Alastair Moock reacted when one of his twin 5-year-old daughters, Clio, was diagnosed with leukemia last summer.


ALASTAIR MOOCK: (Singing) Ooh, ah-ah, ee-ee, I feel fine. I'm a little monkey swinging on a monkey vine...

SHEPHERD: He sang traditional songs and made up new ones with Clio, the two of them singing together in her hospital room.


MOOCK: (Singing) Ooh, ah-ah, ee-ee, I feel fine. I'm a little monkey swinging on a monkey vine...

SHEPHERD: Moock's new album, "Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World's Bravest Kids," is based on his family's experiences with Clio and her fellow patients. Kids fighting illness and their families, are its primary audience. But its message of clear-eyed hope and comfort isn't just for kids.


MOOCK: (Singing) You're home when I hold you, honey. Home when I hold you, dear. Home in your daddy's arms tonight...

SHEPHERD: You don't need to have a child, or be one, to appreciate "Home When I Hold You," his duet with fellow Boston singer Aoife O'Donovan.


AOIFE O'DONOVAN: (Singing) You're safe in your mama's arms, safe when she holds you tight. Safe when your mama holds you close, safe all through the night...

SHEPHERD: Moock crowd-funded the album's production so he could give it away to patients and kids' cancer units. With daughter Clio now in remission as she starts year two of chemotherapy, he's also free to take these songs on tour. The songs provide a combination of empathy and humor, offering strength to any families facing an uncertain future.


MOOCK: (Singing) When I get bald, there I'll be, out in the world, flying free...

SIEGEL: The album is "Singing Our Way Through: Songs For The World's Bravest Kids," by Alastair Moock and friends. Stefan Shepherd writes about kid's music at


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