Two days ago, NPR's East Africa correspondent Gregory Warner brought us a story about finding a particular T-shirt at an outdoor market in Kenya.

GREGORY WARNER, BYLINE: Oh, my God. Jennifer's bat mitzvah, November 20th, 1993.

BLOCK: The shirt had cartoon characters on it: Bugs Bunny playing drums, Betty Boop, The Flintstones. Well, a shirt like that raises questions. Whose shirt was it? Who is Jennifer? How did it get to Africa? And how was that bat mitzvah party?

Here is David Kestenbaum with some answers.

DAVID KESTENBAUM, BYLINE: There was one additional clue to go on. In the neck of the shirt there was a nametag: Rachel Williams. There are a lot Rachel Williamses, but we posted a photo of the shirt online. And a guy who works for a Jewish news service found her. She was a friend of a friend on Facebook. I called her up.

It's really you?

RACHEL ARONSON: Oh yes, absolutely.

KESTENBAUM: This was your shirt?

ARONSON: Absolutely, that's my shirt.

KESTENBAUM: Rachel's last name is Aronson now. She's an international tax attorney in Chicago.

ARONSON: And it was pretty funny to see my name on the Internet. I don't usually get very much Internet coverage.


ARONSON: So it was interesting to see this question: Where's Rachel Williams? And here I am.

KESTENBAUM: The name tag in the shirt, she says that's easy to explain. It's, of course, from summer camp.

ARONSON: My mom spent hours ironing on nametags to all of my camp clothes...


ARONSON: ...which to me is one of the most amazing parts that she ironed that nametag on over 20 years ago and it has stayed on.

KESTENBAUM: Rachel says the T-shirt eventually came to reside in her parents' basement. About five years ago, her mom finally took it to a charity and now it's somewhere in Kenya.

Rachel passed the photo along to Jennifer, of Jennifer's bat mitzvah fame. Jennifer Ruhzansky. Here she is.

JENNIFER RUHZANSKY: It's crazy. It's insane.


RUHZANSKY: Twenty years later, who would think that my shirt would make it to Africa?

KESTENBAUM: Jennifer lives in Michigan and recently had a baby. She explained the other mystery. The cartoon characters on the shirt. That she says was theme for the bat mitzvah party.

RUHZANSKY: Each table was a cartoon character and you were either sitting at Betty Boop or you were sitting at The Flintstones, or you were sitting at The Jetsons.

KESTENBAUM: The party she says was a blast. Everyone wore those T-shirts and danced. This is the first time she's seen one in quite a while.


KESTENBAUM: David Kestenbaum, NPR News.



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