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Oh, spring. You tease.


BRENTON WOOD: (Singing) Oogum, oogum, boogum, boogum, boogum, now baby, you're casting your spell on me.

BLOCK: The weather in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic was absolutely lovely this past weekend. Here in Washington, people wore shorts. Hearts were full of sunshine, goodwill and hope.


WOOD: (Singing) You got me doing funny things like a clown, just look at me.

BLOCK: But this week, the snow pants are back on.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: The polar vortex strikes back.

BLOCK: That's right. The polar vortex is looping through the plain states and Midwest, dipping into the Deep South and whipping the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with cold bitter air. This is why we created the Cabin Fever playlist. It's good music to cure a bad winter mood.


DIANA ROSS: (Singing) I'm coming out. I want the world to know, got to let it show.

BLOCK: Ninety songs strong, powered by the suggestions of our listeners, the playlist keeps you moving and grooving, despite the cold. But with winter almost over and, yes, it will end, the Cabin Fever playlist has some, shall we say, off-label uses.

MONIKA EVSTATIEVA, BYLINE: This playlist is a great cardio workout.

BLOCK: That's Monika Evstatieva, director of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

EVSTATIEVA: I was on the Stairmaster the other day and that playlist kept me going. I felt the burn, but I was able to go a whole hour.

BLOCK: Good to know.


MELISSA GRAY, BYLINE: Two words, house cleaning.

BLOCK: And that's our producer, Melissa Gray.

GRAY: I put on the Cabin Fever playlist and I reorganized my Tupperware, something that hasn't happened in, like, six years.


KATY PERRY: (Singing) Boom, boom, boom, even better than the moon, moon, moon.

BLOCK: I can see the dust flying across America now. Finally, we understand our Cabin Fever playlist may have the power to heal. Kristen Curette(ph) of Dublin, Ohio, tells us this. Earlier this winter, she was in bed with the flu feeling quite yucky. Then, she heard the playlist and she writes: Before I knew it, I was dancing across the bedroom floor. If NPR sold copies of this list then we would never have to worry about another funds drive.


BLOCK: Well, just for you, Christine(ph), your song selection is our final hit off the playlist before winter gives way to spring.


COMMODORES: (Singing) She's a brick house. She's mighty, mighty, just letting it all hang out. She's a brick house.

BLOCK: And thanks to everyone, nearly a thousand of you, who played along and sent us your pick for our Cabin Fever playlist. You can still check it out at

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