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'Without Tommy, There's No Ramones'

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'Without Tommy, There's No Ramones'

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'Without Tommy, There's No Ramones'

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Punk rock music has lost one of its earliest pioneers. Tommy Ramone died of cancer on Friday at his home in Queens, New York. He was the last surviving member of the original Ramones. NPR's Hansi Lo Wang has this remembrance.

HANSI LO WANG, BYLINE: Tommy Ramone was Erdélyi Tamás before he became a Ramone and produced punk rock classics like "Rockaway Beach." He was born in Budapest where, as a kid, he once had a memorable trip to see a movie about America, as he recalled in 2004 at the Hungarian embassy.


TOMMY RAMONE: And what they showed was a bunch of teenagers going absolutely crazy and wild over boogie-woogie music. And I was watching this and going, boy, that's good music.

WANG: Good music from the early days of rock 'n' roll that Ramone wanted to recapture and take in a new direction. So in 1974, he joined up with three friends from Queens with bowl haircuts, leather jackets and a mission.


RAMONE: The bands I listened to on my radio when I was a kid when I came to the United States - that whomp-a-ma-loopa - that quick energy, the sexuality, the excitement - we wanted to bring that back. And we wanted to bring back short songs. And we wanted to play them fast.


THE RAMONES: (Singing) Hey ho, let's go. Hey ho, let's go. They're forming in a straight line. They're going through a tight wind. The kids are losing their minds, the Blitzkreig Bop.

JIM FIELDS: This band was so influential, so innovative and lead to so much change in music and influenced so many generations.

WANG: Filmmaker Jim Fields spent eight years following The Ramones for his 2003 documentary, "End Of The Century."

FIELDS: They thought they were going to be The Rolling Stones, you know? They thought they were going to be huge.

WANG: But they never had a bona fide hit.

JOHN HOLMSTROM: That's the weird thing about The Ramones, you know, their music has been in movie soundtracks and TV commercials, but it was never on the radio.

WANG: Punk Magazine co-founder, John Holmstrom, designed album covers for The Ramones. He says Tommy Ramone wasn't just the group's original drummer, he was their first manager - and an important producer in the studio.

HOLMSTROM: Without Tommy, there's no Ramones because at first, they were not very good musicians. And I think Tommy whipped them into shape.

FRANCIS PELZMAN LISCIO: He was a big picture person who was almost like the father of the family. He would eat healthy food and show up every place on time.

WANG: Photographer Francis Pelzman Liscio first met Tommy Ramone in 1975 while working for one of the group's former managers. She says the brash, loud sound of The Ramones was ahead of their time. This is art, Tommy Ramone once wrote. Sometimes it doesn't sell at first. Sometimes it takes a while for the world to catch on. Hansi Lo Wang, NPR News.


THE RAMONES: (Singing) Ba, ba, ba, ba - ba, ba, ba, ba, ba - I wanna be sedated.

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