Coming up, a jazz crooner finds his soul in the music of the Wild West. But first, a food moment - from the wildest man to wield a pan, Biker Billy. Bill Hufnagle, as he was named by his momma, is the author of Biker Billy's Hogwild on a Harley Cookbook. And his syndicated public access show is called Biker Billy Cooks with Fire

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Mr. BILL HUFNAGLE (Biker Billy): I don't go into the kitchen and say, I'm going to make, you know, macaroni and cheese. Well, I'm going to make atomic macaroni and cheese. I'll put things in there you'd never think of. And certainly there's gotta be onions and garlic and hot peppers. So I really, I look for gusto and excitement in the way I approach life, whether it's piloting a motorcycle or piloting a frying pan.

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Mr. HUFNAGLE: I can pull up on a motorcycle with a couple of saddlebags on it, and I can have all the fixings and the equipment to make both an entrée and dessert. And I'll describe something I call ballistic bananas.

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Mr. HUFNAGLE: Now, you take the frying pan and you melt some butter in it and when the butter is melted, you take a habanera pepper and you cut the stem off and cut it in half and knock out the fleshy center part and the seeds. And then you put those halves in the butter and you swirl them around. And the chemical in a hot pepper is fat soluble, so it will go out into the butter. Then you take and peel the banana and split it lengthwise, just like you would in a classic banana split, and lay those in the butter. And you're going to want to gently fry those for three or so minutes. When they start to caramelize and the sugars change and they begin to get to brown, you lay those in a cup and serve that with nice vanilla ice cream and you've got Ballistic Bananas. And it's so wonderful because you have in the banana - you have a combination of hot and sweet. So you get - the first thing your palate detects is the sweet and the sweet is so good and then those sneaky habanera peppers, which come on really slow, start to get you. And then your mouth gets to be on fire. And then what's the best thing? Ice cream. Oh, that feels so good.

And then of course, you want the rush again. You want to go into that next turn. You want to go over that next hill and see the next vista, so you scoop up some more of the Ballistic Banana and you start that culinary rollercoaster all over again. And that - and that really is kind of like the thrill of riding a motorcycle.

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STEPPENWOLF (Band): (Singing) Born to the wild...

ELLIOTT: Bill Hufnagle, otherwise known as Biker Billy. His recipes for breakfast burritos and hot potato corn chowder are on our Web site,

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