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And now for a thoroughly modern interpretation of an even older classic.

(Soundbite of Pachelbel's Canon in D)

BLOCK: That Pachelbel's Canon as played by a young guitarist wearing a beige cap and a turquoise t-shirt. For the past eight months, a video of this guitarist playing this piece along with a recorded backing track has been a big hit on the Internet. The guitarist is identified only as Funtwo.

(Soundbite of guitar version of Canon in D)

BLOCK: The video is hosted on the site and has been viewed more than 7.6 million times. But for the past eight months, the true identity of this mystery musician was not known. All that changed yesterday when the New York Times identified Funtwo as Jeong-Hyun Lim, a self taught 23-year-old musician living in Seoul.

We asked guitarist G.E. Smith to evaluate his performance.

Mr. G.E. SMITH (Guitarist): I was really impressed, almost more than with his technical ability, which is very apparent, I was impressed with his taste and with his sense of tasting, which is not always easy for somebody that hasn't, you know, been around for a real long time playing, you know, bar gigs and stuff. You know, it takes you 20 years to learn that.

He starts off and, you know, he's playing. It's nice, and you're going, oh that's nice. And then he starts throwing in the virtuosic stuff.

(Soundbite of guitar version of Canon in D)

BLOCK: You might remember G.E. Smith from his days as the leader of the Saturday Night Live band. But Funtwo is not the only Internet guitarist worth noting. G.E. Smith has another favorite.

Mr. SMITH: He's fingerpicking a 12-string. It's fairly intricate, what's he playing. And at first when you see him, you see him moving his head in this odd fashion and you think he's smoking a pipe or some kind of cigarette holder. And then you realize that he's got a teaspoon in his mouth by the handle and he's playing a slide on the top string with the spoon. And it's just phenomenal.

(Soundbite of music)

BLOCK: So, the search is on for a guy who plays the guitar with a spoon. That video was posted on YouTube by Dr. Octavia on May 10, 2006. So far that clip has been viewed about 17,000 times. You can see the two videos from links at

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