This is DAY TO DAY, I'm Alex Chadwick. Coming up, the dangers of going back to school in gang territory.

Unidentified Male #1: We got 2600 students going westbound on 103rd - and he's trying to shoot one guy that's running. How many kids would get shot?

Unidentified Male #2: Can you stand by for about another five minutes? And then we're going to lock..

CHADWICK: In the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles volunteers are escorting students through housing projects to keep the kids safe.

First, from the annals of fringe marketing in southern China, where there is a bar that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase punch drunk. Customers at this place can beat up the bar staff; they pay to do so.

The owner says this is an antidote to the stresses of modern life in fast-paced urban China. NPR's Louisa Lim has been meeting the angry customers and their unfortunate punching bags.

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Unidentified Woman: (Singing) (Unintelligible)

LOUISA LIM: It's Friday night at the Rising Sun nightclub in Nanjing. The small dance floor is full and female customers are already dancing on the speakers which boom out reassuring messages. And some have come here for stress relief.

Marketing manager Woo Gon(ph) says Chinas pressure cooker society means tension levels are skyrocketing.

Mr. WOO GON (Marketing Manager): (Through translator): There is a lot of competition because of the fast speed of economic growth in China. The disparity between rich and poor is growing and there is large-scale unemployment. There is a lot of psychological and physical pressure on everybody. If you don't find a way to let off steam, it could be damaging.

Mr. WOO GON: (Speaking foreign language).

LIM: Woo Gon's is introducing his novel way of helping people unwind through violence. Six young men are lined up on the dance floor like sacrificial lambs.

Mr. WOO GON: (Speaking foreign language).

LIM: Do you want to beat up one of these men? Woo Gon asks the crowd. They can't hit back, and they can't run. Only women are allowed. A young woman in a black t-shirt and white shorts comes forward. She chooses her victim, a tall handsome man who puts on a protective vest and helmet. She dons some boxing gloves and kicks off her heels ready to get physical.

Mr. WOO GON: (Speaking foreign language)

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LIM: And then to musical accompaniment the punch fest is underway. She's paid $8 to beat this guy up for a minute.

At first she's thumping him hard and kicking him with her feet. Head down, arms up defensively, he takes her blows silently. After 30 seconds she starts to flag.

PINK (Singing): I'm coming out so you better get this party started...

Mr. WOO GON: (Speaking foreign language)

LIM: As her time ticks down, she's out of energy entirely. After her flurry of activity, 21-year-old Lu Senchin(ph) tired but all smile as she explains why she needs to hit out.

Ms. LU SENCHIN (Bar Patron): (Speaking foreign language)(Through translator): I work in the service industry and my job is hard. Sometimes I get really angry and I want to wallop someone. When my boss is really cruel, I want to punch him.

LIM: The object of her fury tonight was 25-year-old Al Yang(ph). Thanks to his good looks he's the bars most popular punching bag, sometimes thumped by 10 woman a night. It's a far cry from his day job as a ship designer, but he doesn't seem to mind a pummeling and even claims it relaxes him.

Mr. AL YANG (Employee, Rising Sun Nightclub): (Speaking foreign language) (Through Translator) I am used to working as a sparring partner for male boxers, so I find being hit by woman is quite nice. Women are quite weak, so being hit by them is like getting a massage.

LIM: This Anger Release bar is basically a marketing gimmick in a city that already has a Crying Bar and a Pajama Bar. But Woo Gon, sensing rising stress levels, has big plans for expansion.

Mr. WOO GON: (Speaking foreign language)(Through translator) We're planning to use one room for smashing plates and another for smashing old electronic equipment. It's cheaper to smash plates, but some people think destroying a TV is more in keeping with their status.

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Unidentified Male: (Singing) I feel so free yeah...

LIM: At this nightclub, the bottom line is about entertaining the masses. There is no introspection about whether sanctioning violence is a good idea. But this highlights how China's become a place where money really can buy everything, even the chance to attack a fellow human being for fun.

Louisa Lim NPR News Nanjing.

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CHADWICK: And there is more to come on DAY TO DAY from NPR News.

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