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Obama, McCain Fight For Media Spotlight
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Obama, McCain Fight For Media Spotlight

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TONY COX, host:

This is News & Notes, I'm Tony Cox.

Barack Obama's fact finding trip overseas dominates the news, while John McCain fights for the media spotlight. It's the hottest topic right now on our blog, News & Views, and here to tell us about it is Geoffrey Bennett. He is the web producer for News & Notes. Hey, Geoff.


COX: So on yesterday's show, we focused on the substantial media coverage surrounding Barack Obama compared to that of his rival John McCain. We did some more of that in the segment just before you came in here. What are folks saying about that online?

BENNETT: Well people were actually talking about that as the conversation unfolded during yesterday's show. So here's a sampling. Moji Oderinde (ph) wrote in our blog. "Do I see disparity? Yep! It's because Obama is the new thing so the media follows the new sensation." And a reader named Jon J. (ph) had this to say, "Obama is the reason he's coming off well on this overseas tour. The press is just witnessing it, not creating it. This is another one of those floaters that the media picks up on, because to them, everything is about them." And then that led to a back-and-forth about the political ideologies of the press corps.

COX: All right, staying with politics for just a moment. Democrats will meet in Denver next month for their national convention and the city has come under scrutiny for what it plans to do with the city's homeless during that gathering. Tell us about that.

BENNETT: Well, in addition to keeping the city's homeless shelters open for longer hours, the city is actually going to give, or planning to give, homeless people movie tickets and passes to the Denver Zoo and the local museums in an effort, some say, to keep them off the streets and out of sight. So we talked about that in our blog, and one reader named Jason called it quote "hypocrisy of our democracy." We took an unscientific poll of our readers asking, is Denver unfairly targeting homeless people? And 69 percent or those responding said yes, they are.

COX: All right. A couple of weeks ago, we here started doing something new. We started putting video of some of our radio interviews on our blog. What's been the response to that?

BENNETT: People have been really surprised and happy about it, frankly. We posted interviews with Dr. Dre's mom, Verna Griffin, Super Bowl champ David Tyree, we had red carpet coverage from the BET awards and we had an interview with RNB singer Chante Moore, it was between you and Chante. And she explained how one of her songs ended up going to an artist I think most people will recognize. So here's part of that interview.

Ms. CHANTE MOORE (Singer): J. Lo and I came out around the same time when her first album came out. And Rodney Jerkins, actually, came and wrote this wonderful song for me called, "If I Gave Love." And you know the Jennifer Lopez song was "If You Had My Love." He wrote the same song for her. I heard that it was because Puff Daddy walked in and said - heard my song and said, I want that song. And he was like, yeah, well that's already taken, you know, we wrote that for Chante and blah blah blah. And he was like yeah, I want that song.

BENNETT: Yeah, so that whole clip can be found on our blog,

COX: Really quickly, what are people talking about online this week?

BENNETT: Well today, we're taking questions for conversations we're going to have on tomorrow's show about Obama's rise and the impact it is or isn't having on race relations in the country. So people should write to us on our blog, and we might use some of them on the air.

COX: Appreciate it very much, Geoffrey. Geoffrey Bennett is the web producer for News & Notes, joined me here in our NPR studios. Thanks, bro.

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