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TONY COX, host:

Are Bill and Hillary Clinton getting too much attention at the Democratic National Convention? Well, one of our News and Views guest bloggers thinks so. That's why Geoffrey Bennett, who is our web producer for News & Notes, is sitting with me to explain.

BENNETT: Hey, Tony.

COX: Hey.

BENNETT: So we have two folks from both sides of the aisle filing daily dispatches for us. And Princella Smith, who is a self-described Republican activist, wrote in her post today that the Clinton's quote were needed to provide heft to an otherwise lacking Obama resume. But she said too much time was given to the Clintons. It's interesting, at least online, bloggers are focused, for the most part, on Barack Obama, then Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, in that order. And that's according to Blogpulse, which is a website which monitors blogging trends.

COX: Are they saying anything about the historic nature of the nomination yesterday?

BENNETT: They are, actually. Farah Jasmine Griffin, who is the more liberal leaning guest blogger of ours, said that when she watched Obama win the nomination, she could think of nothing other than Fannie Lou Hamer and her sacrifices.

COX: Now I know that we are doing something online, because today is a very big day for the Democrats and for Barack Obama. What are we doing?

BENNETT: We're hosting an online viewing party of sorts. For all those people who couldn't be among the 75,000 at INVESCO, I guess the next best thing to do is have your computer at your desk and join us. So we'll be linking to a stream of the event, and we'll host a real-time conversation.

COX: So give that address again.


COX: All right. Geoffrey Bennett is the web producer for News and Notes, joining me from the studios at the NPR west. Geoff, thank you very much.

BENNETT: Thank you.

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