Much remains unknown about the shootings yesterday morning at Virginia Tech.

We still do not have an official list of those who died, although the school newspaper and wires have begun reporting some names. And we don't know why so many people were killed.

Mr. CHRISTOPHER BOUNDS(ph) (Student, Virginia Tech): Time was moving rather oddly...

MONTAGNE: Christopher Bounds is a junior at Virginia Tech.

Mr. BOUNDS: I'm an information junkie, so knowing as much as I can about this is really the best way for me to kind of make something all of it, you know, understand what happened.

MONTAGNE: To do that, Bounds says he and his friends are searching for information just as anyone might online at Wikipedia, blogs and e-mail lists.

Mr. BOUNDS: I've had, like, 145 e-mails between Facebook and listservs and friends, so I've been trying to keep up with the e-mail deluge, but it's been difficult at times.

MONTAGNE: Web sites used normally for socializing and classified like MySpace and Facebook, even Craigslist, are filled with condolence messages sent from across the country for students at Virginia Tech. Here are some of those messages.

My sincerest and heartfelt condolences go out to those who are directly affected by this tragedy. Another - stay strong and move forward. God Bless. Another - I just wanted to let you know that I'm sending you VT students and faculty love and prayers from New Jersey. And then: For today, we are all Hokies.

The Hokie, a turkey, is Virginia Tech's mascot. Student Christopher Bounds expects to spend more time online to find out for sure who was killed and who survived yesterday's shootings.

Mr. BOUNDS: Everyone is kind of waiting around to make sure that nobody somewhere slipped through and, oh my gosh, we forgot to call so and so and they were on the list.

MONTAGNE: The online encyclopedia Wikipedia's entry for yesterday's shooting is called "Virginia Tech Massacre." There is a picture at Norris Hall, where the second round of shootings took place. It's a beautiful picture taken on a cloudless spring day. Christopher Bounds says he was a little taken aback when he saw it on the Web site. He took that photo about a year ago.

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