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And I'm Michele Norris. The award-winning author and children's book illustrator and radio cartoonist Mo Willems is back with us today. And once again, he's brought with him another wonderful cartoon. And for those unfamiliar with this exercise, Mo will draw a cartoon and then we invite our listeners to go to the website, look at the drawing, and then send us a suggested caption. And then we bring Mo back in with the cartoon and he talks with us about the whole process. And Mo is with us now. Hello, Mo.

MO WILLEMS: Hi, Michele. How are you today?

NORRIS: I am wonderful. What have you got for us today?

WILLEMS: I have a story of middle-aged marital crisis. Very exciting, in the background the door slams open and there's the middle-aged husband, he is shocked as in the foreground, he sees that his wife is wearing sort of a three cornered purple and gold hat, and putting on spotty trousers and striped crazy shoes and checkered hose. And as he is so shocked, he blurts out.

NORRIS: And we're going to find out what he blurts out in just a minute, from your perspective. But first, this comes from Aaron Wright(ph) of Mystic, Connecticut. She says, my God you're a cross jester.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WILLEMS: Oh, bless.

NORRIS: OK, this is from Dan McCorry(ph) of Rosita, California. Oh my God Sharon, you are fooling around.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WILLEMS: That, I like.

NORRIS: Jason Roberts is from Knoxville, Tennessee. And he sends in this, but Loreta you're an old mimer's daughter.

WILLEMS: An old mimer's daughter. Very, very puny. It's a good stretch, though, its exercise.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WILLEMS: I think it builds up the muscles when you stretch like that.

NORRIS: Well, this one clearly got our listeners creative juices flowing. We got a lot of response to this particular cartoon. But Mo, I want you to tell me what your caption is for this cartoon, which shows a wife in a dark room putting on what appears to be a clown or a jester costume, her husband bursts in the door, sees her and says.

WILLEMS: Shirley, you jest.

NORRIS: So, a lot of our listeners are pretty close.

WILLEMS: I thought that they were pretty much on target. I thought they did very, very good. The jest was the hook.

NORRIS: Well, always good to talk to you, Mo. Thanks so much.

WILLEMS: Take care, Michele.

NORRIS: That's Mo Willems, our radio cartoonist. And we've got a few more of Mo's cartoons that are begging for some of your captions, you can see them at npr.org.

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