Very attentive listeners to this program, people who listen every day, every hour, may have noticed this. We have not had an interview with Barack Obama in months. We ask, we ask, but we get no joy. We are hopeful. So, we're really in the same straits as Damon Weaver.

Mr. DAMON WEAVER (Fifth-Grader, Canal Point Elementary School): Hello, President-elect Obama. I'm Damon Weaver, and I want to interview you.

SIEGEL: He's made a YouTube video. Damon has already interviewed Joe Biden, Caroline Kennedy, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, and among others, some professional basketball players. He lives in Pahokee, Florida, and he is a fifth-grader at Canal Point Elementary School, and he joins us now from West Palm Beach. Welcome to the program, Damon.

Mr. WEAVER: Thank you.

SIEGEL: You've done something that we haven't done. You've actually made a video asking for an interview with the president-elect. How long have you been trying to get this interview with Barack Obama?

Mr. WEAVER: For a very long time.

SIEGEL: I can sympathize with you. When did you start trying to get the interview?

Mr. WEAVER: Since after Joe Biden, September the 2nd.

SIEGEL: Since really just after Labor Day. What do you want to ask Barack Obama?

Mr. WEAVER: My first question I would ask him is, in my town Pahokee, I have seen a lot of shootings and fights. What are you going to do about violence and to keep me safe?

SIEGEL: Uh huh. And that's something that you'd really like to know the answer to that question, I guess.

Mr. WEAVER: Yeah.

SIEGEL: Well, you've been trying now since early September. Let's say September, October, November. It's more than three months that you've been trying to get your interview.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: What have you done? What strategies have you used to try to get the interview?

Mr. WEAVER: At one time, when we was at this Barack Obama event in Miami, we were at the University of Miami. I made this big sign that said, can I interview you?

SIEGEL: Can I interview you? Uh huh.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes. I don't believe he saw it, but I didn't get an interview.

SIEGEL: That must have been the problem. But you've done something very interesting, I gather, and that involves some players from the Miami Heat, the pro-basketball team in Miami.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes. I asked Dwyane Wade, would he be willing to play with Barack Obama in a one-on-one if he gives me a one-on-one live interview. And don't forget to let him win.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIEGEL: Wait a minute, Dwyane Wade - first, we should explain to people who aren't basketball fans. This is one of the very best basketball players in the country.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes. And I asked him, will you let President Barack Obama win? He said, no can do, kid.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIEGEL: No can do, kid. But the idea would be that Barack Obama could get to play one-on-one with Dwyane Wade if he gave you a one-on-one interview.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: How did you get interested in doing these video news interviews with all these people?

Mr. WEAVER: At my school, we have a news studio. And the first day of school, I wanted to be on TV, which I did, and I thought I looked good on TV.

SIEGEL: You thought you look good on TV, huh?

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: I saw the video. You do look pretty good on TV.

Mr. WEAVER: Thank you.

SIEGEL: Got a point there. Is there anyone you've watched doing interviews, and you've said, that's the kind of interview I'd really like to do. That's a good interviewer.

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: Who's that?

Mr. WEAVER: Suzanne Malveaux. She interviewed me.

SIEGEL: Suzanne Malveaux interviewed you?

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: And she's a very good interviewer. She's a very good reporter, don't you think?

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.

SIEGEL: Well, listen, you know, I - of course, we at NPR would like to get an interview soon with President-elect Obama, but if we're behind you in line, if we get in ours after you, I'd - I would understand, and I'd be very happy for you.


SIEGEL: OK? And thanks a lot for coming in to talk with us about it.

Mr. WEAVER: Can I give some plugs?

SIEGEL: Some plugs?

Mr. WEAVER: Yes.


Mr. WEAVER: If you want to see all my YouTube videos, please go to And if you want Senator Joe Biden - I mean, Barack Obama to give me a one-on-one live interview, please go to and write to him.

SIEGEL: Well, Damon, good luck with everything and thanks for talking with us.

Mr. WEAVER: You're welcome.

SIEGEL: That's fifth grader Damon Weaver. He's from Canal Point Elementary School in Florida. That's in Pahokee, Florida. He's done a number of video interviews there, but the one he really wants is with President-elect Barack Obama.

And we'll plug our website, too, but only to let you know that you can find links to Damon Weaver's interviews with Vice President-elect Joe Biden, Caroline Kennedy, and the Miami Heat basketball players. Those are all at

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