All this talk of trash got producer Thomas Lopez thinking about recycling of a different sort. He produced this two-minute noir called "Trailer Park Trash, Recycled."

(Soundbite of music)

THOMAS LOPEZ: Bernice was bad. She used to date biker Bob. She beat him up one night. She used a whip and a crowbar. He said that when he got out of the hospital, he was coming for her. She said...

BERNICE: You really don't want to do that.

LOPEZ: Bernice was an Army brat. She had weapons lining the walls of her house trailer. She liked to dress up as a Nazi biker and walk around with a luger strapped to her hip. She used a photo of biker Bob for target practice.

BERNICE: Ah, bull's eye.

LOPEZ: Biker Bob knew he was going to have to take her out at quite a distance.

BIKER BOB: 30-30 with a scope ought to do it.

LOPEZ: But he knew, if he missed, he was a dead man.

(Soundbite of gun shot)

BERNICE: What the hell!

LOPEZ: He missed.

BERNICE: Hey, I'll stand still for you. How's that?

LOPEZ: Biker Bob had her in his cross hairs.

BERNICE: When I'm dead, I'm coming for you.

LOPEZ: He was slowly squeezing the trigger.

BERNICE: I'll come back and rip of your soul out of your body and beat it to a pulp.

LOPEZ: Biker Bob hand shaking because he was thinking...

BIKER BOB: Man, she's mean enough to do that.

LOPEZ: He never took another shot.

(Soundbite of a motorcycle)

LOPEZ: Biker Bob left town. Bernice sold her trailer and all her assault weapons but not her luger. She went back to school. She got a degree in archeology. She was on dig in Guatemala when one night, banditos came to rob the tomb. The clouds parted. The full moon rose, casting a pale night across the jungle, and there on top of a pyramid stood Bernice, whip in one hand, luger in the other.

BERNICE: Hey, Amigos.

Unidentified Man: (Spanish spoken)

Ms. BERNICE: You really don't want to do that.

LOPEZ: The banditos slunk back into the shadows. Bernice was still bad, but not in the bad way.

(Soundbite of music)

BRAND: Thomas Lopez produced "Trailer Park Trash, Recycled," and the piece came to us from the new NPR series Hearing Voices.

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