You might have heard of the guy sitting backstage at the concert, Abraham Lincoln's the name. He's a fairly well-known Republican. And Chuck Latimer from Memphis, Tennessee also knows a Republican or two.

Mr. CHUCK LATIMER: Everybody in my family is a Republican. I mean, absolutely everybody.

ROBERTS: Except Chuck. And as part of our series this weekend, it's called Inaugural Journeys, we'll hear from Chuck and several other folks venturing to Washington in the next few days. Chuck Latimer had planned on staying at his sister's home for the inauguration.

Mr. LATIMER: When I travel there, I'm always able to stay with her. But this time she said no. She's really, really opposed to Obama being elected, and I'm not. Now, I've never been - felt outcast from my family for my political beliefs. It really was political oppression.

ROBERTS: So Chuck has two plans for where he might stay.

Mr. LATIMER: If I drive, then my plan is to sleep in the car. If I fly, I'll just have to drink a lot of coffee, the most I can, or try to find a nook and cranny to sleep in.

ROBERTS: It sounds, frankly, like an awkward family situation, but Chuck still hopes he and his sister will get over it.

Mr. LATIMER: Divisions come between families, but in the end, you know, she's still my family.

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