NPR Valentines

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You're the talk of my nation.

Car Talk

I wanna spend more than a moment in the driveway with you.

Love my NPR

Your love is like the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation... It supports me.


I learned to say 'I love you' in 17 languages... one for each of NPR's foreign bureaus.

Boilen Hot

I wanna take you to the lower end of the dial.


You're like a breath of Fresh Air... with Terry Gross.

Support for NPR

I gave you my heart and all you gave me was a tote bag.

Face for Radio

I feel like makin' relish.

Support for NPR

I asked Planet Money how much it would cost to buy you the moon. They're looking into it.

Support for NPR

My volume gets turned up every time you walk in a room.

Support for NPR

I'm gonna court you so supremely, Nina Totenberg will report on our love story.

Support for NPR

I want you to be my Valentine, but first... the news.

Support for NPR

Ken Rudin may be the Political Junkie, but I'm the you junkie.