Climbing Everest: A Timeline A timeline of key events in the climbing of Everest.

Climbing Everest: A Timeline

1841 Sir George Everest, surveyor of India, records Everest's location, labeling it Peak XV.

1859 Peak XV is renamed Mount Everest.

1924 George Mallory and Andrew Irving disappear as they attempt to summit Everest.

1934 Maurice Wilson attempts to solo Everest. His body is later found at 21, 327 feet.

1953 Nepal's Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary become the first to summit Everest.

1973 Shambu Tamang of Nepal summits at 16 years old. Later he was said to be 18.

1975 Junko Tabei of Japan becomes the first woman to summit.

1978 Austria's Peter Habeler and Italy's Reinhold Messner are make the first ascent without bottled oxygen.

1990 Sir Edmund Hillary's son, Peter, summits Everest.

1999 George Mallory's body is located 2,000 feet below the summit.

1999 Scientists revise Everest's elevation by seven feet, from 29,028 feet to 29,035 feet.

2001 American Erik Weihenmayer becomes the first blind person to summit Everest.