'The Far Side' Anthologized Gary Larson created more than 4,000 cartoons for The Far Side, and they've all been collected in a hefty new anthology. Yet the artist still has trouble explaining what his strange, world-of-their-own panels are about. Hear Larson describe a cartoon he wishes he had drawn, along with other excerpts of his interview with NPR's Bob Edwards.

'The Far Side' Anthologized

Gary Larson's Strange World of Cows and Other Creatures

'The Far Side' Anthologized

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Web Extra: Larson Tells NPR's Bob Edwards about a Cartoon He Wishes He Would Have Drawn

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Web Extra: Larson Recalls the Real-Life Inspiration for a 'Far Side' Character

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Web Extra: Larson Explains the Difficulty of Foreign Translations for his Cartoons

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During a 14-year span before he quit in 1994, Gary Larson created over 4,000 The Far Side cartoons, all of which have just made their way into a hefty two-volume anthology, The Complete Far Side. More than 40 million Far Side books and 60 million calendars have been sold. Yet Larson remains hard-pressed to explain what these strange creations are about.

"Oh, God.... Jeez... It's just a cartoon," Larson tells NPR's Bob Edwards on Morning Edition. "I guess, I could say, a cartoon about nothing.... It's just a sense of humor in single-panel form... They're just cartoons."

But to anyone who's ever seen these little worlds-of-their-own populated by cows, beehive-hairdo ladies, space aliens and prehistoric creatures, The Far Side is... something else.

"Yeah," Larson says. "Everything was open season to me, I guess. If it crossed my mind, it was fair game."