Ballads from the Bard In Shakespeare's Songbook, a book and CD collection, author and musician Ross Duffin presents a collection of 160 songs from the comedies and tragedies of the great playwright.

Ballads from the Bard

In 'Shakespeare's Songbook,' the Playing's the Thing

Ballads from the Bard

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"If music be the food of love, play on." So wrote William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night. And to celebrate the 440th anniversary of the Bard's birthday -- April 23 -- why not listen to the music from his works?

In Shakespeare's Songbook, author and musician Ross Duffin has recovered and collected 160 songs from the plays of Shakespeare. Many are pieces put to music for original theatrical productions. To come up with lesser-known melodies and lyrics, Duffin combed through manuscripts and folios, seeking the most authentic interpretations possible. Shakespeare’s scripts often contained only vague allusions to songs that were previously undocumented.

The result is a book and CD of annotated ballads, drinking songs, love songs and rounds that reflect the rich variety of Shakespeare's work.

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks to Duffin about Shakespeare's Songbook and the music it contains.

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