The Youngblood Brass Band The Yongblood Brass Band plays an infectious blend of Dixieland, soul, rock and hip-hop. NPR's Michele Norris talks to members of the group and they perform in Studio 4A.

The Youngblood Brass Band

Frenetic Wisconsin Horn Ensemble Spreads Its Funky Gospel

Youngblood Brass Band in Studio on All Things Considered – 06/14/2004

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The Wisconsin-based Youngblood Brass Band plays an infectious and powerful blend of Dixieland, soul, rock and hip-hop. Most of the band mates met during high school and college in or near Madison. They call themselves the beneficiaries of a first-rate public school arts-education program.

Consisting only of horn players and percussionists, the Youngbloods originally got together just for fun. When their fan base began to grow -- especially in Europe, where they have toured several times -- the musicians decided to turn pro.

Band members make a conscious effort to remember their roots. They are co-founders of Wisconsin's Layered Arts Collective, an arts support group in Madison that keeps the band busy performing concerts and conducting workshops in community schools.

The group joins NPR's Michele Norris for a conversation and performance in NPR's studio 4A.