South Africa's Miriam Makeba: 'Reflections' The artistic Renaissance of singer Mariam Makeba — "Mama Africa" to her millions of fans.


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South Africa's Miriam Makeba: 'Reflections'

New CD by 'Mama Africa' Wins Awards In Native Country

South Africa's Miriam Makeba: 'Reflections'

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South African-born singer Mariam Makeba is affectionately known as "Mama Africa" by millions of adoring fans. Now her beloved songs are becoming more popular across the globe, and she's enjoying something of an artistic Renaissance.

Fifteen years ago, at the end of apartheid, Makeba reunited with her homeland after 30 years in exile. This year, at the young age of 73, her new CD Reflections practically swept the South African Music Awards.

The CD is a collection of new songs, as well as re-worked versions of some of her most enduring tunes. The Tavis Smiley Show producer Roy Hurst had a chance to talk with Makeba recently, and he asked her to reflect on her long and remarkable career.