Lou 'the Glue' Marcelli: An 'Old Stove' of S.F. As part of our Hidden Kitchens series, we profile Lou 'the Glue' Marcelli, a San Francisco institution known for his legendary cooking that keeps the community "glued" together.
NPR logo Lou 'the Glue' Marcelli: An 'Old Stove' of S.F.

Lou 'the Glue' Marcelli: An 'Old Stove' of S.F.

Lou and His Friends on Life at the Dolphin Club

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Lou's Fish Tale: Cooking While Stuck in a Boat in Alaska

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Lou Marcelli and his pals at the Dolphin Club have been swimming the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay together for as long as they can remember — more than 50 years. Marcelli loves to cook after warming up. Depending on the day, he might grab a bag of fresh calamari he picked up that morning on the pier, and head into the club's 120-year-old kitchen to make his legendary pasta calamari.

Marcelli is known as "an old stove" — the term people in North Beach have for someone who has put in some serious time in the kitchen. His nickname is "the Glue" — because, he says, "I have the tendency to hang around in one spot."

The average age of Marcelli and his friends is somewhere in the mid-70s. The average amount of time they spend swimming: half an hour. Afterwards, they linger in the club's common kitchen, talking and eating together as they have for decades.

Talking Recipes

Hear Lou Recite His Recipe for Pasta Calamari

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