'World 2004': A Global Music Tour BBC radio host Charlie Gillett returns with the fifth edition of his annual world music collection. World 2004 brings together 34 eclectic tracks from the far-flung corners of the world. Hear Gillett and NPR's Michele Norris.

'World 2004': A Global Music Tour

'World 2004': A Global Music Tour

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Songs from 'World 2004'

"Chet Boghassa" by Tinariwen (Mali)

Only Available in Archive Formats.

"Yawlidi" by Souad Massi (Algeria)

Only Available in Archive Formats.

"Grito Grande" by Think of One (Belgium/Brazil)

Only Available in Archive Formats.

"Jah Kas Cool Boy" by Lo'Jo + Django (France/Mali)

Only Available in Archive Formats.
World 2004

The latest edition of the annual global music anthology from BBC host Charlie Gillett is out, and this time around, the CD-set comes with words of caution printed in the liner notes:

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"Warning: the tracks on this album do not all sound the same. There are fast songs and slow ones, dark moods and dance tracks, sung in many languages, hardly any in English."

And Gillett is true to his warning. World 2004 has 34 tracks from 28 countries that range from the traditional -- Dona Rosa's Portuguese fado -- to the eclectic, like the electronic reggae from Brazil's Fat Marley fronted by Chinese and Indian vocalists. There's also dance music from Hungary, Ukrainian-rooted accordion melodies from Argentina, jazz from Ethiopia and the intriguing Markscheider Kunst, a Russian band with a German name that plays music that sounds like the African tropics.

Host of "Saturday Night" on BBC London and "The Sound of the World" on BBC World Service, Gillett is one of the most influential names on the global music scene. He takes NPR's Michele Norris on a musical world tour.

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